Are you an enthusiastic traveller? I am for sure. If you are too, you must have experienced the feeling, when you seen something unbelievable, dreamt about it or just had a strange feeling and didn’t know how to name it. Travellers experience it all the time. When English comes short with expressing those, we can search for perfect words in other languages. These are the top 12 words every real traveller should know.

1. Wanderlust (n.)

Origin: German, English

Meaning: a strong urge to travel and explore the world

2. Fernweh (n.)

Origin: German

Meaning: an ache to get away, being homesick for a place you have never been to, an urge to travel even stronger than Wanderlust

3. Sehnsucht (n.)

Origin: German

Meaning: a wistful longing for the past travels and the travels to come.

4. Coddiwomple (v.)

Origin: English

Meaning: to travel purposefully towards a vague destination.

5. Resfeber (n.)

Origin: Swedish

Meaning: restless race of the traveller’s heart before the journey begins caused by both anxiety and anticipation

6. Trouvaille (n)

Origin: French

Meaning: something lovely found by chance.

7. Selcouth (adj.)

Origin: English

Meaning: the feeling when seeing strange or uncommon things while travelling

8. Hygge (n.)

Origin: Danish

Meaning: the feeling you get when enjoying good things in your life with friends.

 9. Saudade (n.)

Origin: Portuguese

Meaning: the desire to be near someone or something distant.

10. Novaturient (adj.)

Origin: Latin

Meaning: the desire to change your life, the feeling that pushes you to travel

11. Eleutheromania (n.)

Origin: Greek

Meaning: the intense desire for freedom.

12. Sturmfrei (adj.)

Origin: German

Meaning: the freedom of being alone, the ability to do what you want.

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