Do you love travelling but you never go for long because you do not want to leave your pet at home? Take him or her with you! These guys proved that nothing is impossible. Meet Monique, Rab, LeeRoy and Miles, the most enthusiastic pet travelers.

Monique, the Hen – Sailing around the World

Guirec Soudee, a 24 years old French decided to sail around the world. He started his journey from the Canary Islands in May 2014. He was planning to bring a pet for company, but never planned for a hen. He found 4 months old Monique on the Canary Islands and he knew she was the one. A hen does not need much care and he can have eggs at sea. Together they sailed to sailed to St Bart’s in the Caribbean and then moved to Arctic, and down the Bering Strait towards Nome in Alaska. The next destinations will be decided by both Guirec and Monique. They spent two years on board the 11.8-meter (39 ft) boat. Monique adapted perfectly, lied eggs in the cold climes of Greenland and even during three months there without sun. Guirec just calls her name and she comes to make him company. She is very brave and spends most of the time on the deck with him.

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monique-swim monique-surf monique-alaska monique-deck

(Images are courtesy of Guirec Soudee, source: BBC)

Rab, the Duck – Around Vietnam on a Motorbike

Dan McAllen, 21 years old Irish and his friends decided to go for a two-week-long adventure to Vietnam. They wanted to buy motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh City and drive around the country. While Dan was negotiating with a local guy selling his bike, the guy said he could have a free duck with it. Since then Rab was their companion on whole 1000 mile journey around Vietnam, he had his own seat in restaurants and bars and he sat in front of a boat during their trip through the Phong Nha caves. When the trip was over, Dan could not take Rab home with him, so he tried to find him a new home. As he did not succeed, he released him to a Hanoi lake, which was the most heart-breaking moment for him.

duck-bikes duck-friends duck-mine duck-boat

(Source: DailyMail)

LeeRoy Brown and Miles, the Goats – Walking across America

Steve Wescott was a musician waiting for an opportunity for his band to find is spot in music world. When he was asked to leave the band in 2010, he felt like it is a sign for him to walk across America. He started the mission to walk 3,800 miles from the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington to Times Square in New York, which he called Needle2Square. As he wanted to give his walk a purpose, he connected with his friend Steve Turner, who was serving as a missionary in Nairobi, Kenya and established a non-profit organization to rescue orphaned children.

As he did not want to walk alone, he started looking for a four-leg companion. First he found Louie, a ten-month-old Rottweiler. Unfortunately Louie was hurt during the training and could not go for such a long journey. During his search for a replacement, he heard of New Moon Goat Rescue and found out that goats are great pack animals. There he found LeeRoy Brown, an Alpine/Boer goat, who became his best friend. They  started their trek from the base of the Space Needle in Seattle in May 2012. Together they walked through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Unfortunately, while in Springfield, LeeRoy got very sick and passed away in October 2015. Steve will finish the walk to Times Square with his new companion Miles, an Alpine goat.

Find more information on Needle2Square project online.


(Source: needle2square)

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